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Library For All has entered an exciting partnership with ChildFund to create a specialised series of books on the topic of natural disasters. The forthcoming Natural Disaster Series will include fiction and non-fiction titles for readers from elementary to upper primary levels. The books will provide useful education around basic science, preparedness and recovery from weather events via engaging, beautifully illustrated stories designed to capture the attention of young readers.

disaster series
An elementary picture book about earthquakes.

With a focus on our current key readerships in the Pacific region, the books will explore earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts, floods, cyclones, storms and fires. For young readers, these phenomena are explained via picture books, with shorter text and relatable imagery to help reinforce an action-oriented response, rather than fear or panic.

Dynamic illustrations capture older readers in LFA’s graphic novels.

For middle to upper primary readers, Library For All is producing a graphic novel series, tapping into the global popularity of this genre. Using ‘comic book’ style imagery and strong narratives, these books place kids in the centre of the action – empowering them to be the ‘superheroes’ of their own responses to disaster. These books also acknowledge trusted information sources, like parents, teachers, local elders or government brochures, as great places to go for further information.

Information books for older and younger readers designed to explain weather events.

At both levels, the series also includes non-fiction information books that explain the science behind natural disasters, along with simple diagrammatic response options. Young readers can enjoy basic explanations and stunning photographs; whilst older readers can benefit from more sophisticated text. These books educate and inform on the key topics, but will also form part of our diverse wider library of literacy resources.

Contact: / 1300 730 935 for more information.

Library For All Australia is pleased to confirm the award of an Australian Aid Friendship Grant through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In announcing the grant, Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator The Honourable Marise Payne explained that “Australian Aid Friendship Grants will bring a diverse range of new Australian community partners into the Australian Aid program by funding them to expand or enhance their existing international development activities in our region”.

Library For All Australia will use the Friendship Grant to increase the number of titles, and the range of reading levels available on the free Library For All digital library application in Papua New Guinea. In addition, the organisation will work with local community members in Papua New Guinea to increase the number of people that are able to access the Library For All app.

Library For All’s Chief Executive Officer Rebecca McDonald said that “this is our first opportunity to work directly with Australian Aid. It provides the organisation with the opportunity to significantly expand our reach and impact in Papua New Guinea. We are extremely humbled by the Minister’s belief in our mission and capability”.

Library For All is an Australian not for profit scale-up disrupting the global publishing industry by making high quality, age appropriate and culturally relevant books and educational resources accessible to all, equally. More than 50,000 people started reading with Library For All in 2018.

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