Introducing Elevate by Library For All

Developed for pre-school to second-grade students (ages 3 to 10), Elevate tackles some of the major barriers preventing children in low-resource communities from accessing education. These include challenges with curriculum, teacher shortages – particularly of well-trained teachers, large class sizes, and limited access to literacy and numeracy resources in schools and at home.

Using Elevate, students are able to learn the equivalent of one full year of school on an average of one hour a day.

Elevate is a fully offline tablet-based system. It has been developed as a child-directed, personalised system that does not require instructor input.

Elevate engages children in a range of high-quality, interactive learning experiences through its 3 components:

the Elevate Learning App, its library of culturally relevant books, and creative play tools.

Library For All’s Elevate breaks through barriers to quality education.

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