Our Global Impact

Our Global Impact

At Library For All, we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of each community where we work. We customise our hardware, software and program delivery capabilities to deliver impact.


Our global impact

We work with partners around the world to deliver culturally relevant, age-appropriate and localised content so children can learn, anywhere.

The difference education makes

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Learning For Continual Improvement

We’re already supporting more than 560,000 children on their reading journey across 17 countries. One study showed that children learning with Library For All could recognise 71% more words than their peers*.

*Reference: World Vision Together For Education Project Annual Progress Report (January – December 2019), 2019, Canberra University

Evaluating Our Impact

Findings from a recent independent evaluation of our work in Laos and Timor-Leste include:

  • There is overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from children in target schools
  • The 70/30 balance of mirrors/windows is successful in engaging children in reading
  • Children are motivated to improve their learning independently using our resources
  • Classroom behaviour and school attendance have improved since Spark Boxes were introduced

Evidence-Based Approach

We’re capturing the evidence that informs our approach to digital learning in a series of working papers to share across the sector. For example, we know:

  • Children read more when they have ‘mirror’ books to engage with. This is why our curatorial strategy for every library aims for 70% mirrors and 30% windows. 
  • This matters, because the evidence shows the more time a child spends reading, the better their literacy scores will be.