Ukraine Response

Ukraine Response

Library For All joined the Ukraine Education Cluster following the escalation of violence there in early 2022, tasked with making sure children could keep learning wherever they found safety.

We’ve created a library of almost 300 books available for free in the Library For All app. This means Ukrainian children anywhere around the world can continue to connect with their language and read stories that reflect their culture. We gathered stories from new and experienced Ukrainian writers as well as licensing books from publishers in Ukraine, supporting this industry in a challenging time.


Our work in Ukraine

Supporting Children’s Wellbeing

As part of our Ukraine library we developed our targeted Social and Emotional Learning collection. These stories explore themes of wellbeing and resilience, which are especially relevant to children impacted by conflict, disaster and upheaval.

Learning Anywhere

We distributed 200 Spark Boxes across the country to Digital Learning Centres. These centres provide safe spaces for children to continue learning and find connection. Many children attending these centres have left their homes and are living in temporary accommodation, often separated from loved ones who have joined the military to protect their homeland.

Equipped for the Future

We’ve also released a new version of our gamified learning app, Elevate: Learn English, to help Ukrainian children gain foundational English skills as they face uncertain futures. Learning English may be an especially valuable life still for those children who have found safety outside of their homeland.


Spark Boxes

Spark Boxes are equipped with 40 Android tablets, loaded with relevant apps so children can keep learning. Our rugged design means Spark Boxes can be transported if evacuation is necessary, and taken into bunkers when communities are under attack.


Explore our book collection

Over 130,000 children are already reading an amazing range of children’s titles through our expertly curated library. You can join them for FREE. Download the App today and start reading.

Stories of impact