Our work

At Library For All, we believe knowledge should be accessible to all, equally. This is why we create inclusive digital-first libraries. Our stories allow children to read in languages they understand and feature characters children can relate to.

Our work goes beyond traditional publishing methods, improving the lives of communities we work with. Providing training and development opportunities for local writers and ilustrators is one way we do this.

We’re dedicated to positively impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals..


How we deliver

We create libraries…

We have a unique curation and publishing process that rests on our curation pillars. These pillars are linguistic diversity, cultural relevance, age appropriateness and theme diversity. 

..and provide independent learning software

Our Elevate app engages pre-school to second-grade students to learn reading and mathematics independently. An hour a day is enough to catch up on one year of school in 18 months.

…all delivered through robust, off line and off grid hardware

Spark is our offline, off-grid, portable digital learning environment in a box. Spark brings tablets loaded with books and learning resources to communities anywhere in the world. Each Spark Kit features a secure storage solution, in-built device charging and local Wi-Fi network.

Hear from our Specialist Librarian why culturally relevant resources are important

“We believe a combination of ‘mirrors’ and ‘windows’ should make a library. These provide opportunities for kids to see their own life experiences reflected in stories, as well as to look out and discover the rest of the world. But children in developing communities tend to have far more windows handed to them. They get used to reading stories about ‘other kids’-if, in fact, they have access to any books at all. That’s why we strive to help communities create more ‘mirrors’ for themselves.”

Lara Cain Gray

Specialist Librarian (Content Strategy & Publishing) Library For All

We’ve impacted over half a million children, all over the world


Why we do what we do

To provide schools with high-quality resources 

We deliver high-quality resources to schools and communities where remoteness or poverty create barriers to education. Our solutions mean students can learn with no internet or access to power. It means they have books they can relate to, and educational games that excite them. 

To break barriers

Right now, 250 million children worldwide won’t learn to read despite attending school… and 40% of the global population can’t access education in a language that they understand (UNESCO). 

Education is a child’s best opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. We know that when children learn literacy and numeracy, they develop problem-solving and communication skills, critical thinking and self-reliance. This provides opportunities for entire communities. By enabling learning, we can combat poverty, disease, hunger and inequality.

Library For All operates across the world with our base operations in Australia. In the spirit of reconciliation, Library For All acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and the continuation of cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We pay our respect to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.