Elevate App

Elevate App

Elevate is Library For All’s fun solution to support children in learning foundational literacy and numeracy. Elevate works fully offline on Library For All’s Spark Boxes.

Children progress independently through Elevate, without needing a parent or educator to guide them.

Designed for early primary students with colourful graphics, fun games and catchy songs.

Localised for different languages and with culturally relevant content.


Elevate: Our Gamechanger

Using Elevate, students are able to learn the equivalent of one full year of school on an average of one hour a day. A fully offline, child-directed tablet-based system.


Overcoming the Biggest Barriers to Learning

Large class sizes

Independent learning helps teachers manage overfilled classrooms, targeting their attention to the children who need it most.

Poor infrastructure

No internet and offline options make it possible to access the power of digital learning anywhere.

Learning loss

The spread of skill level in a classroom has expanded with learning disruption. Child-led learning means each student can keep learning at their pace, wherever they are at.



We know children learn best when they can relate to the content they’re seeing. Wherever we deploy Elevate, we work to both translate and adapt all the learning content so it is culturally relevant to the children learning with it.