Spark Box

Spark Box

Spark is our digital offline, off-grid, portable classroom in a box.

We’ve refined our Spark Box over a decade of deploying to the world’s toughest and most remote locations.



Classroom in a Box

Choose between a Spark Box of 20 or 40 Android tablets.

Integrated Hardware

Our unique design integrates device charging with a single power cord, a local network and a custom protective case.

Built to Survive

Our Spark Box features an indestructible, waterproof case, with custom foam protecting the tablets.

Fully Offline

Tablets come pre-loaded with learning software so children learn without needing any internet connection.

Robust Devices

We’ve tested our tablets to ensure they can withstand years of wear and tear in the most difficult environments.

Off-grid Functionality

Solar charging makes learning possible when electricity is unavailable.


Transforming access to quality education around the world

Every Spark Box puts learning in children’s hands, supplying child safe tablets preloaded with age appropriate, culturally relevant learning resources. Spark Kits are a robust, secure solution with built-in device charging and a custom-built secure private network.

Colourful impact resistant case protects the tablets, putting students and teachers at ease in the classroom.

7 inch colour screen.

Instant access to Library for All’s digital library application.


Hardware & Software

Each Spark Box is customised to suit its destination community, including the learning software.

A transportable, lockable, commercial grade storage case.

Plug-and-play design that uses readily available components for easy replacement.

20 to 40 tablet computers in protective cases.

Complete access to Library For All’s digital library.

Offline & Off-grid

The Spark Box is designed for the most remote environments. Tablets are preloaded with all required content, ensuring internet connectivity is not required. For locations where reliable electricity is a challenge, we have also developed a Solar Charging Kit, making our Spark Boxes completely offline and off-grid.


Perfect for little hands

Our Spark Box tablets put our unique, culturally relevant and age appropriate digital learning apps in the hands of children, because we know that confident young readers become engaged lifelong learners.


Built to last in any environment

Children have a right to learn, no matter where they are in the world. Which is why our Spark Boxes are designed to survive the harshest environments, from the backs of camels in the deserts of Ethiopia, the jungles of Papua New Guinea, remote villages in Vietnam to learning centers in war-torn Ukraine, Spark Boxes deliver learning to children who need it wherever they are.