Spotlight On Author Caroline Evari

Caroline Evari

Caroline Evari

Caroline Evari is from the Milne Bay and Oro provinces of Papua New Guinea. She studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Papua New Guinea, however she was unable to obtain her degree when she was faced with financial constraints in 2012. She is now married with two sons and works with The World Bank Group as a Team Assistant.

When she is not working or caring for her sons, she spends her free time writing poems. She has just published her first book titled Nanu Sina: My Words. Caroline started writing children’s stories in 2018 when she discovered Library for All and has written over 25 stories; many of which have now been published and sent to children in Papua New Guinea.

Caroline kindly took some time to answer a few questions for us about her life and work.

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Q. Library For All is going to publish some of your beautiful stories in our digital library. Have you always enjoyed creative writing or is this a new venture?

A. I’ve always loved creative writing. I remember in school my stories were used as examples for others to follow in writing.

Q. We’d like our readers to get to know you better. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. I started writing as early as when I was in elementary school. One thing that I realized I was good at was describing my environment. Because I spent my early years growing up in my remote village, the village had a huge impact on my writing. Then eventually, keeping a school journal boosted my writing hobby. So, when I discovered additional platforms where my writing could be exposed, I jumped on board, and Library For All is one of them.

Q. Can you tell us what benefits you think Library For All will bring to elementary schools and the PNG community?

A. One huge benefit would be providing reading materials that are relevant to our cultures and traditions. Most of the reading, writing and learning materials in our schools today are foreign materials that do not really resonate with us. Our culture is slowly fading and soon it will all be gone. LFA in a way is helping to preserve them.

If you’re interested in writing a picture book for charity you can find information here. If you’re interested in purchasing one of Caroline’s beautiful titles you can check out our catalogue here